Deliciously Simple Recipes
Deliciously Simple Recipes

21-Day Jumpstart

21-Day Jumpstart


We're guessing you don't have hours to spend cooking.

We're also willing to bet you don't love those intricate meal plans and recipes with lots of exotic ingredients that require sous chef level skills.

Seriously, who has time to cook like that?!?

Finding healthy AND delicious meals the whole family enjoys sounds impossible, right?

With our comprehensive 3 week Jumpstart program, you will have everything your family needs to shed those bad eating habits and make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Our meals are quick, simple and delicious so that you can spend less time cooking and more time ENJOYING life.

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Every meal is packed with flavor, uses 10 ingredients or less, uses seasonal produce, and takes under 30 minutes of hands on cooking time.

With simple, delicious meals, you can feed your family the healthy food they need with meals that they will love. 

With a one time investment of $19.99, you will receive:

  • 3 Week Meal Plan: Three weeks filled with 10 breakfast and smoothie recipes, 4 of our wildly popular Mason Jar Lunch Recipes, 12 dinner meals that will teach you how to cook only 4 times per week, AND 4 yummy dessert recipes to curb your sweet tooth. 

  • Meal Prep Ideas:  We've taken one other thing off your to-do list by telling you exactly what you should wash, chop, and prep to set yourself up for a successful week.

  • Grocery Lists:  We've made you 3 weekly shopping lists organized into simple categories to save to save you time and money. 

  • Private Online Coaching and Support Group:  Come join the fun!  We have a live Facebook group where we share bonus recipes, can answer any questions, offer advice on simple ingredient swaps and also help each other stay accountable and on track. 

  • Health and Wellness Videos, Tips & Tricks: We share our tips and tricks on how to make healthy living simpler through 4 short videos. These will cover up to date information on important topics like hydration intake, eating organic on a budget, reading food labels and easy ways to create sustainable, long term healthy habits.

You may be wondering if you can really enjoy eating a plant based diet for 21 days.

We totally understand! Some of those other healthy meal plans can leave you feeling hungry and deprived and running back towards your old bad habits.

Check out our dinners at a glance, these meals are healthy takes on the food that our families will actually enjoy.

Restrictive diets don't work!

We know that meals need to taste good and need to be easy.

That's why our meal plan is packed with healthy twists on traditionally unhealthy favorites.

Pizza, Chinese food, cookies and ice cream are all included in this 21-Day Jumpstart Program. 

We know that every family is unique and we have designed this program to allow for easy swaps and substitutions.

Our recipes can all be made 100% gluten free and dairy free without compromising taste.  

We love veggies, nuts, beans, fruits, whole grains and the occasional high-quality animal product.

Our meals are not always vegetarian or vegan, but can easily be adapted to be so.

Join us on our mission to live simply and eat deliciously.

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