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Deliciously Simple Recipes
Kristina Turner  Co-Founder & Recipe Creator 

Kristina Turner

Co-Founder & Recipe Creator 


Hi there! I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and head chef for my active husband and toddler.

My health journey started back in high school when I was a competitive athlete suffering from chronic injuries and nagging colds and fatigue. Through my own personal journey with food and wellness I am finally free from chronic pain, inflammation, skin problems and general feelings of ickiness. My health and my family's health are at the heart of our home-cooked meals. I'm passionate about helping other families get healthy and hope that our site inspires you to make some healthy meals for you and your family. 

Jennifer Cohodes  Co-Founder & Lead Recipe Developer

Jennifer Cohodes

Co-Founder & Lead Recipe Developer


Hi, my name is Jenny, and I am wife to Dave, mom to 4 year old Madison and toddler Max.

Full transparency- I used to be the complete opposite of someone who took care of their health and enjoyed cooking. When I lived with Kristina in California, my go-to meals were frozen breakfast sandwiches and Lean Cuisines.  It wasn't until my husband was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance that I really began to investigate what we were putting into our bodies.  Since transforming our kitchen to be gluten-free was no easy feat, I spent dozens of hours reading cooking books, trying new products, and teaching myself to cook.  I am now a mom on a mission inspired to help others make easy and lasting changes for their family's health.

Jenna Kotwica  Head Photographer, Editor & Taster Extraordinaire 

Jenna Kotwica

Head Photographer, Editor & Taster Extraordinaire 


Hi, I'm Jenna! I'm a wife to my favorite Polish stud and mama to Elle, a precious (and fiery!) little girl.

I grew up in Northern California and recently relocated to Austin, TX where I quickly discovered that the people and the weather are VERY warm. My wellness journey began only recently when I realized that I hadn't been prioritizing my own health in the same way that I was caring for my daughter's. Full disclosure: I would scrutinize food labels when grocery shopping for her meals, only to swing by the drive-thru on the way home for myself. I knew I needed to change my food habits and place more focus on my own health. I'm now on a mission to transform my own approach to cooking and inspire others to implement small, simple changes that can make a huge impact in overall health. I'm so thrilled to join the Deliciously Simple team, both in the kitchen and behind the lens!