Fruit-Infused Spa Waters

Fruit-Infused Spa Waters

Water is definitely my beverage of choice and don't get me wrong, I enjoy plain old H2O, but once and a while you just need to mix it up. 

Or sometimes you're in the middle of a 10-Day Detox and have to trick yourself into craving water over a nice glass of red wine. 

These 3 Delicious spa waters are CRAVE worthy and have totally upped my nightly beverage game!

Adding just a few slices of citrus, fruit or mint totally transforms the taste of still (aka tap) water and they're totally beautiful too!

strawberry lime

Mason jars for the win again right here!!! I'll fill these babies back up, replace the lids and store them in the fridge overnight.

Tomorrow morning I'll have three deliciously infused waters that I can literally grab and throw into my bag as I'm running out the door. 

Mason jars are so great for meal prepping and ensure that I have healthy options ready to go, even when days and life are just downright crazy.


orange and lemon

8 days into this 10-Day Shred and my wine and beer cravings are gone! I mean, let's be honest, I'm still going to have a delicious beer on day 11, but the extremely strong craving for one is gone.

Detoxing is pretty ah-maze-ing! Not only am I losing some unwanted weight, but I'm making simple sustainable habits that I'll continue even after the 10 days is done.

These spa waters are definitely going to become a new staple that I'll stock my fridge with. I'm always looking to add in other delicious combinations, please comment below with your favorite spa water combo!

cucumber mint

Fruit Infused Spa Waters

serves 1 (each combo)


  • Cucumber Mint:  5 slices of a cucumber + 5 mint leaves + 24oz of water

  • Strawberry Lime: 1 strawberry sliced + 1/4 lime sliced + 24 oz of water

  • Lemony Orange:  1/4 orange sliced + 1/4 lemon sliced + 24 oz of water


  1. Add all ingredients into a mason jar or large water bottle, let sit overnight (or at least 2 hours), then enjoy! 
  2. Mason jars or water bottles can be refilled to reuse ingredients up to 3 times.